Authentic Muay Thai Training
World Class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Muay Thai, Thaiboxing and MMA at Team Quest Thailand training camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Amongst the Beautiful tropical jungle of Chiang Mai, Thailand is where we decided to open our world class training facility. Team Quest Thailand Muay Thai and MMA camp was built on the principle to give students the best possible atmosphere to accomplish all their fitness, weight loss, and competitive goals.

Strategically placed just at the foothills of beautiful Doi Suthep Mountain and just a short 5 minute drive outside the main city center, Team Quest Thailand is being recognized as Thailand’s premier destination for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Team Quest has earned a reputation over the last 15 years as one of the worlds most premier MMA, Muay Thai, and fitness training camps.

Here is some of what we can offer:

  • MMA Training run by world class coach with over 10 year’s coaching experience working with the highest level athletes from UFC, Bellator, WSOF and Strikeforce.
  • Wrestling specifically for MMA for beginner students to advanced athletes.
  • Jiu Jitsu submission grappling with an emphasized style for MMA.
  • Muay Thai with authentic Muay Thai trainers and fighters.
  • Western Boxing modified for MMA striking.
  • Professional pro-shop supplied by Thailand’s most prestigious gear, Fairtex
  • Budget and standard accommodation on-site.
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet

Authentic Muay Thai focused program for all levels

Our vision is to offer traditional Muay Thai training to foreigners who want to learn it in it’s most authentic form. Our trainers are hand-picked based on their ability to teach technique and relate ideas to foreign students. You are going to find Muay Thai taught in its most pure form.
Our Muay Thai coaching staff has extensively worked with foreigners and has the ability to teach Beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
Typical classes range about 2 hours and are broken down into 5 main areas:

  • Warm up: Students are put through a scientific Dynamic stretching routine that is designed to warm up all the parts in the body in the most effective manner.
  • Padwork: This is student’s opportunity to work one on one with the Muay Thai teacher of their choice to help develop technical skills.
  • Bag work: Students will be put through bag work with the watchful eye of dedicated teachers that strive to see improvements.
  • Technique: Students break up into groups and are taught very specific Authentic Muay Thai techniques.
  • Sparring and Clinching: Students are encouraged but not required to participate in technical sparring and clinching in a controlled atmosphere.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), wrestling and BJJ training

Our MMA program is run by world class coaching staff who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our head trainer has been teaching MMA, wrestling, and BJJ for over 10 years and has coached athletes at the highest level such as UFC, Bellator, WSOF and Strikeforce. He has worked with world class athletes and coaching staff to prepare him for the position he is in including:

  • Randy Couture (UFC Heavy Weight and Light Heavy Weight Champion)
  • Matt Lindland (Greco Roman Olympic Silver Medalist)
  • Robert Follis (Long time head MMA coach at the original Team Quest)
  • Chris Wilson (UFC Vet)
  • Ryan “The Lion” Schultz (IFL champion)
  • Ed “Short Fuse” Herman (UFC Vet and TUF alumnai)
  • Chris “The Crippler” Leben (UFC Vet and TUF alumnai)
  • Ian “The Barn Owl” Loveland (UFC Vet)
  • Pat Healy (UFC and Strikeforce vet)
  • Ryan Healy (Super Fight League Vet)
  • Dave Jansen (Bellator 155lb Tournament Champion)
  • Mike Pierce (UFC Vet)
  • Tyson Nam (Bellator and World Series of Fighting Vet)
  • Glenn Sparv (Scandinavian standout)
  • And many other up and coming fighters

We specifically recruited our Head MMA coach because he is able to give the students the best opportunity to accomplish their goals. To learn more about our Head MMA coach Click Here.

Motivated Coaching Staff and a Positive Atmosphere to accomplish goals

Here at Team Quest Thailand Muay Thai and MMA training camp we are a family. We specifically put a 25 person cap maximum for occupancy so that training is kept at an all-time High. We help manufacture people’s goals by being like-minded and motivated to progress. At Team Quest Thailand we organize group trips and outings to make sure students are getting the full value of culture and of what a team is all about.