Adrain “Keaw” Team Quest Thailand in semi finals

Team Quest Thailand is proud to have Adrian Team Quest Thailand compete this Saturday, December 1st at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium in the Gai Thort Ha Dow Tournament. Adrian Team Quest Thailand will be in the Semi Finals fighting against a tough opponent in Sirimongkon to try and advance to the tournament finals which will be held sometime next month.

Adrien Team Quest Thailand

Adrien Team Quest Thailand semi finals

Over the past few months Adrian Team Quest Thailand has had a tough and exciting road to the Semi Finals. Coming into the tournament being considered cannon fodder for the likes of Petchmonkong, Tepsutin and Sirinogkon, Adrian Team Quest Thailand has been turning heads and opening eyes, knocking out two of his opponents in the round robin tournament and losing a razor thin decision to tournament favorite Petchmonkong in the round robin. Adrian is looking to bring home his first major title, but first he has to get past a tough test in Sirimongkon who employs a similar style to Adrian Team Quest Thailand. Both fights look to impose their will in the clinch and score with knees and elbows. It will be an interesting fight to see who can battle their way to the finals of the famous Gai Thort Ha Dow Tournament.

The fight happens December 1st 2012 at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok. If you are in the area, please stop by to show your support for Team Quest Thailand and Adrian “Keaw” Rubis! If you can’t make it in person, be sure to check out the fight live on Tsport channel.

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