Adventure Activities

Want some Adventure Activities? Outside of training in Chiang Mai at Team Quest Thailand there is no shortage of activities. This section is reserved for those adrenaline junkies looking to take your adventure one step further. So sit back, strap on your seat belt, and enjoy the ride. We have complied the most exciting adventure activities to do while in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Flight of the Gibbon

Zip line your way through Thailand’s premier untouched rainforest. During your adventure you will cross suspension bridges and fly through the air while starting at various platforms located throughout the rainforest. With experienced guides, students will travel from tree top to tree top, just like a gibbon. You will follow almost 2 kilometers of zip line that will take about 3 hours in total. Lunch and hydration beverages will be provided in the cost of this adventure.

Cost: The normal price of flight of the gibbon costs about 3,000 THB. However students have told us if you go to the main flight of the gibbon office near Thapae gate (Center of city) you can bargain them down to as little as 2,300 THB.

Website: Treetopasia [dot] com

Flight of the Gibbon

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing

Chiang Mai is happy to host some of the best scenery in all of Thailand. With the almost untouched rainforest and mountainous landscape, Chiang Mai is the place for adventure. Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures is the place to go to when you are wanting to do some rock climbing. They are experienced and safety is the number one emphasis. Each individual staff member is first aid certified. CMRCA is able to work with all types of students from Beginner, experienced, and even with corporate groups to help team build.

Feeling like a bit more adventure? Then ask CMRCA to extend the adventure and experience their cave exploration. A guide will help take students through untouched caves. Explore Thailand’s hidden secrets and uncover what Chiang Mai’s rainforest has to offer.

Website: Thailandclimbing [dot] com

Rock Climibing and Extreme Caving

Chiang Mai Sky Adventure

Still haven’t had enough adventure? Chiang Mai sky adventure is about as extreme as it gets. Take a ride in a microlight aircraft. This flying object is half airplane and half hang glider. Feel the breeze in your face as you experience the rush of a lifetime and the freedom you can’t find anywhere else.

Flight Rate: 1,900 THB/ one person. (15 minutes)

2,900 THB/ one person. (30 minutes)

Webiste: skyadventures [dot] info

Check out chiang Mai Sky Adventure

Chiang Mai Balloon Flights

Don’t miss this once and a lifetime opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. Located only a 15 minute ride outside of the city, you’ll enjoy this hot air balloon adventure. Enjoy Chiang Mai’s scenic view while you float above the city. You’ll experience peace and quite like you have never imagined.

Safety is Chiang Mai sky Adventures number one priority. Luckily Chiang Mai, Thailand hosts some of the best Ballooning conditions in the entire world. Flights usually depart early in the morning before it gets to hot. If under rare circumstances the conditions are less than ideal, the pilot will either postpone the departure or cancel it altogether. Flight time will last about 1 hour.

Webiste: skyadventures [dot] info

Check out Chiang Mai hot air ballooning

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking

Chiang Mai is the mountain biking capital of Thailand. There are a number of daily guided mountain biking adventures to be had in Chiang Mai. Here you will be able to bike across Thailand’s national parks. Bikers will be able to participate in different tours based on their previous experience. Chiang Mai Mountain Biking is able to cater to beginners all the way through experts.

Their equipment, from the bikes to the safety gear is top notch and meets all international qualifications. Together with great customer service, top notch equipment, and expertise of the terrain, you will have an experience like no other. Prices include pickup and drop off from your hotel.

Prices for 1 day Adventures start at 1,250 THB.

Extend your trip into a 3 day adventure and include rafting and rock climbing.

Prices for 3 day adventures start at 5,350 THB

Website: chiangmaimountainbiking [dot] com

Check out mountain biking in Chiang Mai, Thailand

X-Centre in Chiang Mai

This next section is in a league of it’s own. X-Centre is a state of the art facility that was developed to give tourists and adrenaline junkies the experience they have always wanted. X-Centre is a collection of blood rushing adrenaline extreme sports. Sporting activities include Bungy Jumping, Go Karts, Paintball, Motor Cross, off road buggies, and xorb.

The best part of X-Centre is that they offer free hotel pick up and return to visit the facility. X-Centre is only a short 15 minute ride from the Team Quest Thailand Facility. X-Centre has taken it even a step further and made it family friendly. There is a list of activities for kids to participate in on their website. There is also a conveniently located restaurant and bar so that you can sit down and relax after a hard day of extreme sporting. The best way to learn more about X-Center is to visit their website.

Website: chiangmai-xcentre [dot] com

Extreme adventure at X-centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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