Pongsiri “Piak” Mitsatit

Muay thai fighter

Pongsiri Mitsatit is the latest addition to our already stacked Muay Thai and MMA team. Pongsiri is the youngest member at 19 years old but comes in with the maturity of a true vet. With only a little over three years experience, Pongsiri decided to join Team Quest Thailand to bring his career to the next level.

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Adrien “kaew” Rubis

adrien rubis

Adrien “Kaew” Rubis is an interesting story. He came to Thailand as a tourist and ended up falling in love with Muay Thai. In less than a three years of training, he has compiled over 30 fights.

Some fighters work their whole life to make it to the big stadiums of Bangkok. Adrien was offered his first Lumpinee stadium fight after only 9 months of experience. He has won many prestigious Muay Thai titles in his short career including the Loh Kroh Stadium Championship, The North Thailand 70kg Championship, and recently the WPMF 76kg World Muay Thai Championship. Adrien is a Lumpinee Stadium, Rajadamnern Stadium, Toyota Muay Thai Marathon Participant, and Gai Thort Haa Dow Tournament Participant.

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Jeremy “JBC” Kennedy

Jeremey Kennedy

Jeremy “Junior Bacon Cheeseburger” Kennedy comes to Chiang Mai by way of Vancouver, BC Canada. Jeremy is one of Canada’s top up and coming prospects. He was in a similar position as many fighters before coming to Team Quest Thailand. He had the will and the drive but found it hard to find the time to train as a professional.

Jeremy was brought on board as part of our sponsored fighters program. With in a month of getting excepted he was packed and on a plane to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since arriving he has already fought for us 5 times with both fights ending in a Knock Out in exciting fashion.

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Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew


Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew is a Muay Thai vet of over 100 fights (10 of which are bare knuckle fights). Tanaphong traveled all over the world in a pursuit to learn new martial arts. Fighting is what he loves. He has spent a considerable amount of time training boxing in Mexico City, Mexico and learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Curtiba, Brazil.

Now Tanaphong has put all the tools together. Two Years ago he made his pro MMA debut in the Bangkok based “Dare” promotion. In text book Team Quest style, Ping ground and pounded his opponent and finished with a knockout. Now this Thai fighter is signed with Asia’s largest MMA promotion ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.

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Jamie “The Official” Stamp

jamie Stamp

Jamie “The Official” Stamp is the owner of the famous “Hitman Muay Thai Gym” in Queensland, Australia. Jamie is a vet of over 30 professional Muay Thai fights. He has been sharing time between Team Quest Thailand and Hitman Muay Thai.

Jamie has come over to skill build and get some fights in some of the bigger stadiums in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a vet of “Pro Evolution”, Australia’s largest Muay Thai promotion and is currently the Pro Evolution 63.5kg Champion. He already has a number of significant accomplishments including his most recent win which was the “Eruption Intercontinental World Championship”.

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Dylan “The Muscle” Fussell


Dylan Fussell has been with Team Quest for almost 10 years. He started off as a student at the gym and eventually worked his way into the Head Muay Thai coaching position. Since then Dylan has competed professionally 16 times between Muay Thai and MMA.

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Caleb “K-Love” Lally

caleb lally

Caleb Lally is another one of our strong fighters from Auckland, New Zealand. After spending a considerable amount of time focusing strictly on Jiu Jitsu, Caleb decided to make the move out to Team Quest Thailand to transition to MMA.

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Mark “Tyson” Abelardo

mark abelardo

Mark Abelardo comes to us by way of Auckland, New Zealand. Mark previously trained at one of Auckland’s premier MMA gyms Strikeforce. In Auckland Mark was forced into working full time to pay expensive bills and keep up with a high cost of living. This forced him into putting his fighting career second as he was only able to train 1x per day.

In February of 2014 Mark was offered a sponsorship at Team Quest Thailand and he jumped at the opportunity. This allowed him to focus 100% on his training since its so cheap to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has been with us for almost 2 years and has competed 10 times winning all 9 fights with 8 Knockouts.

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Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt

Kana Hyatt MMA

Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt comes to us by way of Puna, Hawaii. After competing most of his career as an underweight 145 lb fighter, Kana has recently made the move to 125 lbs. Kana is the definition of a fighter, he will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He has competed professionally nearly 30 times over the last 10 years. That is nearly 3 fights a year on average which is very consistent for a fighter.

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Scott Hudson

Scott Hudson

Scott Hudson is yet another amazing addition to our strong MMA team. As part of our sponsorship program Scott came to us all the way from Ontario, Canada. He decided to make the move out to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a lot of the same reasons many other fighters do. Working a full time job and training full time as a professional athlete does not work so well.

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