MMA Sparring Big Gloves (Video Included)

MMA Sparring Big gloves

Here is a look inside our MMA Sparring with Big Gloves. Fighters primarily work on their striking while also mixing in takedowns. Little ground work is utilized while using big gloves because fighters are focusing on a specific area to improve. Team Quest Thailand fighters are constantly working on being as well rounded as possible so that they are ready to fight in any area of a fight including striking, the clinch, on their back, or on top of their opponent.

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Glenn Sparv Muay Thai Training

Glenn Sparv Muay Thai

Here is a clip of 6-2 Professional MMA fighter Glenn Sparv training Muay Thai on the pads with Kru Yhing. Sparv is utilizing a mix of Muay Thai attacks including kicks, elbows, knees, and punches. Sparv has been consistently improving his technique since joining Team Quest Thailand.

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Team Quest Thailand Muay Thai Sparring

Muay Thai sparring Jamie

Over the past few years we have had the opportunity to work with Australian 63.5kg Pro Evolution Champion Jamie “The Official” Stamp. In that time we have had the opportunity to watch him develop his skills and compete at the highest level along the way. Here is a quick look inside the Muay Thai sparring here at Team Quest Thailand.

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MMA Sparring at Team Quest Thailand

mma sparring

Here is a look into our MMA sparring class at Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai. This is our Professional team. Students wanting to participate must have instructors approval before hand. Students need to show commitment, dedication, and a skillset to join the class. Don’t worry though, if you are just a beginner we have No-Gi Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai classes that can help you prepare to join the class. Our Professional MMA fight team has 4 members that are two weeks out from upcoming MMA fights, Glenn Sparv, Josh “The Wolfman” Smith, Tim “The Wildman” Kist, and Emilis Jaske will all be competing next month.

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Jamie Stamp headlines Legacy Muay Thai vs Kampan Santaweesook

jamie stamp vs kampan

Team Quest Thailand and Hitman Muay Thai gym’s Jamie “The Official” Stamp is set to take part in his biggest challenge yet. Stamp will be facing Thailand superstar Kampan Santaweesook in the main event of Australia’s newest promotion Legacy Muay Thai. Kampan is known for his devastating kicks and relentless style. Stamp enters the ring being a +260 underdog. When asked about the betting line, Jamie answered “I would rather be an underdog; I always fight better as the underdog.”

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