Glenn Sparv Team Quest Thailand MMA Debut

glenn sparv mma fight

Team Quest Thailand Glenn Sparv is set to headline “Friday Night Fight Night’s” main event in Koh Samui Thailand Friday March, 29th. Sparv’s came to Team Quest Thailand as a 5-2 professional MMA fighter looking to take his career to the next level. He is taking part in our first ever MMA sponsorship program where he has nothing to do but focus on eating, sleeping, training, and fighting.

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Team Quest Thailand Sponsoring Fighters

Team Quest Thailand fist

Team Quest Thailand MMA team is building in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are looking to continue to build our MMA team as we go forward and give amateur and pro fighters the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing MMA team’s in Asia.

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Speaking Thai in Chiang Mai!

thai language
Do you need to learn Thai?

The answer is absolutely not. I have personally lived in Thailand for almost 4 years now and not until recently have I started to pick up the language. In my first 3 years living in Thailand I got by on speaking English and pointing and grunting if I needed too. Remember Thailand’s economy is largely based on tourism. Many Thai’s speak English because they are taught English in schools and also because many businesses here rely on foreigners who speak English.

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Chiang Mai Muay Thai Weekend of Fights!

chaing mai muay thai dylan the muslce

There are too big Chiang Mai Muay Thai fights coming up this week. This year Team Quest Thailand has been off to an amazing start. We have been building an impressive win streak. This week we will have two Team Quest Thailand fighters back at it full throttle. Dylan “The Muscle Fussell and Kevin “The Wonder Boy” Team Quest Thailand will be battling it out with two tough Thai’s at Chiang Mai Muay Thai number one stadium Kalare.

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Chiang Mai Muay Thai Fight Recap Jan. 25th

chiang mai muay thai fight kick

This past weekend was once again a great night of Chiang Mai Muay Thai fights. Team Quest Thailand had 3 fighters representing us on the fight card at Chiang Mai Muay Thai number one stadium Kalare. So with that I will bring to you the videos of each Team Quest Thailand student’s fight.

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