Muay Thai Trainer Kru Ping


Muay Thai trainer Kru Ping is becoming very famous in Thailand as being one of the first Muay Thai fighters to turn to MMA. Kru Ping has experience as a Muay Thai trainer and relating a lot of those techniques to MMA athletes. With over 100 Muay Thai fights, he had accomplished everything in the sport of Muay Thai he wanted to. Looking for a new challenge, he made his professional MMA debut last year and won via knockout by way of ground and pound.

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Muay Thai Trainer Kru Nut


Team Quest Thailand has went out of our way to recruit the best Muay Thai trainer in Thailand. Each student has individual needs. If you are a large student then this Muay Thai trainer is the coach for you. Standing at 6’2” (190cm) Tall and weighing over 260lbs (120 kilo), Kru Nut is the biggest Muay Thai fighter in Thailand.

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Muay Thai Trainer Kru Ni


Muay Thai trainer kru Ni is the newest addition to our all star team at Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kru Nee has a very unique skill set. He is yet another Muay Thai trainer we have added to the Team with an “I.Q. Muay Thai Style”. He is originally from Chiang Mai. Because of his experience as a Muay Thai trainer and his connections throughout Thailand, we made an effort to go out of our way to recruit him.

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