Chiang Mai Muay Thai

Team Quest is constantly working to stay above the rest. In the city of Chiang Mai Muay Thai is growing fast. With the ever expanding sport of mixed martial arts, we decided that adding a focused Muay Thai program will do just that. Team Quest Thailand has managed to recruit the highest level of Chiang Mai Muay Thai fighters and trainer’s in the world.

Team Quest Thailand started off by bringing in a member of the Thai National boxing team named Kru Toh. Kru Toh is a vet of over 200 Muay Thai and professional boxing fights. Having fought at the biggest stadiums in Bangkok he has the experience and the connections to help our students get the most out of their training.

Next we brought in Kru Bo who is a vet of 80 fights and has fought primarily in the south of Thailand. Kru Bo brings an exciting and friendly training approach that makes students feel comfortable during their time at Team Quest Thailand.

“Our Trainers have put Chiang Mai Muay Thai on the Map.”

Our 3rd trainer we brought on is Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew. Ping is a veteran of over 100 Muay Thai fights. Ping brings a great attitude and a smile to training every single day. What separates Ping from other Muay Thai fighters is that he has really embraced the sport of MMA. Ping retired from Muay Thai so that he could actively fight professional MMA. Ping made his pro MMA debut last year in the Dare Fighting Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. He didn’t waste any time and showcased the typical Team Quest style. He ground and pounded his opponent and knocked his opponent out while on the ground.

We are committed to only bringing in the highest level of trainers for our students. Because our student base is typically much larger (in regards to height and weight) than our Thai trainers, we have recruited the biggest and most skilled Thai fighter we could find in the entire country of Thailand. Team Quest’s 4th trainer is Kru Nut. Kru Nut is 6’2” and weighs in at 120 kilos (265lbs). With these new additions to the region, Chiang Mai Muay Thai is growing fast as a power house in Thailand.

Team Quest Thailand selected the most appropriate trainers to make sure that we could accommodate each and every student regardless of experience, size, or skill level. Our trainers put Chiang Mai Muay Thai on the map.

Typical Chiang Mai Muay Thai training session:

  • Team Quest Thailand starts training sessions off with a nice light jog or jump roping, depending on preference. Despite some people’s thoughts, the warm up (although helps cardiovascular endurance) is not meant exclusively for cardio, the warm up helps to excite the body’s nervous system. The nervous system helps to send signals to your body’s joints and muscles. This helps to control your body’s movements in a more effective way.
  • After the warm up, students will wrap their hands, stretch, and shadow box.
  • Students will then get with a trainer and work one-on-one with the trainer of their choice. If a trainer is not available because he is working with another student, students will practice previously learned techniques on the bag. As soon as the trainer is free, he will be working with the next available student for their individual needs.

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Pad Work


  • After pad and bag work comes the fun part. Students are encouraged to participate in an optional sparring and clinching session. Before sparring and clinching begins, trainers will teach students practical techniques that will be the focus of the training session. After the students drill the techniques students can put the techniques to practical use and use them to spar and clinch.

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Sparring

  • After sparring and clinching, Team Quest Thailand trainers will run the students through a cool down period. The cool down is a great way to help prevent injuries and let your body adjust back to it’s normal environment.
Sparring and Clinching is optional for students but highly encouraged.

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