Chiang Mai Nightlife

While Chiang Mai is predominately known for it’s Temples, Trekking Adventures, and other cultural activities, there is a multitude of things to keep your nights busy after a day full of training or sightseeing. Chiang Mai nightlife while not as well known as some of the other areas in Thailand still has a lot to offer for visitors and locals.

When choosing the location for Team Quest Thailand we decided on Chiang Mai because of the quiet nature of the city but a city that is not lacking stuff to do. In Chiang Mai you are able to train hard during the week, but still have many options to take part in during your time off.

Zoe In Yellow

In the last 2 years Zoe in Yellow has become a main staple for young travelers in the Chiang Mai Nightlife scene. What used to be a small area frequented mostly by backpackers, has evolved into the go to spot for foreigners looking to party while still holding on to it’s backpacker roots. Zoe in Yellow features 4 Main bars catering to whatever type of music you want to spend your night listening too. Heavens Beach for the Rock Crowd, Roots Reggae for lovers of the island vibes, Babylon for the backpackers and finally Zoe In Yellow with 2 Dance floors and 2 Djs playing all your Top 40 Hits. The crowd is a healthy mix of Backpackers, Expats, and Thai locals.  With beverages costing less than 3 dollars per drink you are guaranteed to have a enjoyable night out.

Loi Kroh

Loi Kroh hosts the type of nightlife you hear about when first planning your trip to Thailand. The street is lined with Beer Bars, Massage Parlors, and Go Go bars. While not on the same scale as the famous Walking Street in Pattaya or Bangala Road in Patong, if that’s the type of scene you are looking for Loh Kroh has everything you’ll need! Located in the main tourist area in Chiang Mai, Loh Kroh offers something for everyone. Nestled in between the bars you will also find many different restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. You’ll even find a boxing stadium were the ring is surrounded by beers bars!

Nimmanhaeman Road

Known as “Nimman” to the locals in Chiang Mai, Nimmanhaeman Road is the hotspot for the trend setters and socialites in Chiang Mai. Home to some of the most popular clubs, restaurants, and cafes in the city, this area is always bustling and full of energy on the weekends. Nimman is quite a busy area, there are bars down every street and you’ll always be able to find somewhere to sit down and get a drink. Infinity leads the way for clubs in the Chiang Mai Nightlife scene. With a 100 thousand dollar light and sound system be prepared for a great night of dancing. Don’t expect to get in here with your shorts and flip flops on though.