Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai is home to over 300 temples, second only to Bangkok. Among them and by far the most famous lies Wat Doi Suthep. Sitting atop Doi Suthep mountain this temple has been around for more than 600 years! Located 15 kilometers from the city, Doi Suthep makes a great day trip between training sessions at Team Quest Thailand.

Team Quest Thailand is lucky to have such a great spot so close to us. Not only can you travel to Doi Suthep in your down time to relax and learn about the culture of Chiang Mai, it also makes for a great training tool. Doi Suthep is located 13 kilometers from the base of the mountain, making for a tough but rewarding run to the top! Team Quest Thailand schedules monthly runs up to the temple for our students so they can get a good work out. At the top you will also get to check out the awesome view of the city Chiang Mai. Be prepared to run up to Doi Suthep more than once a month if you are planing on fighting though!

Doi Suthep Team Quest Thailand Run