Get to know BJJ Professor Bruno Carvalho!

For those of you that don’t know, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is on the rise in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have been making a strong push to help build the BJJ community in the North. But what good is a program if you don’t have a world class instructor to help lead the charge. This is where 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Professor Bruno Carvalho comes in. If you want high level BJJ at an affordable price (only 2000 thb/month or about $56/month) than Team Quest Thailand is the place. We have been receiving so many questions about Professor Carvalho that we just decided to do a Q and A with the man himself.

Team Quest Thailand: How did you get started training martial arts?
Bruno Carvalho: I started training early in life, my grandpa has a Dojo (Gym) on the first floor of our house:).

TQT:Where did you grow up?
BC: I grew up in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil.

TQT:What are some of your BJJ accomplishments?
BC: I am a 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt and a 2nd degree Judo Black Belt.

– Three times champion of Bahia and Bahia student champion;
– Three times champion of Edson Carvalho Cup;
– Twice champion of Jairo Moura Cup / Aracaju-SE;
– Three times champion of Norte/ Nordeste Cup (2004, 2006, 2007);
– Champion of Sul Bahia Cup / Ilhéus-BA;
– Champion of Sudoeste Bahia Cup / Barreiras-BA;
– Champion of Vereadora Dau Cup / Lauro de Freitas-BA;
– Champion of Neto Ferreira Cup / Serrinha-BA;
– Champion of Shiozawa Cup;
– Champion of Copa Queop’s;
– Twice universitary champion;
– 5º place on the World Cup of Jiu-Jitsu 2003 / Niterói-RJ;
– Champion of Bahia 2004 (3 stages);
– Best Athlete of the year of 2004 – Elect by ABCD;
– Champion of Bahia 2005 (4 stages);
– Champion of Kaisho Cup (Sweden – 2006 /2007);
– Champion of Bahia (3rd stage – 2006);
– Champion of São Paulo (3rd stage – 2006);
– 2nd on European Championship (Portugal – 2007);
– Champion Croatian open grappling 2007.

TQT: How long have you been teaching for?
BC: I started teaching at age 14 helping my mom with the smaller kids.

TQT: How is your BJJ different than other styles?
BC: I’ve grew up learning Judo and BJJ at the same time and this combination added to my later wrestling experience giving me a strong base. I have a strong top control pressure and scrambles needed specially in the sport of MMA.

TQT: What famous fighters have you worked with?
BC: I had the pleasure to work with great teams and lots of great fighters: Alistair Overeem, Amanda Nunes, Akira Corassani, Alexander Gustafsson, Diego Gonzalez, Jon Olav Einemo, Niko Musoke, Daniel Weichel, Mairbek Taissumov, Magnus Cedenblad… And many more.

TQT: What countries have you fought in?
BC: Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia, South Korea, Denmark, England, Wales… I think that’s it haha.

TQT: What do you enjoy most about teaching?
BC: To see all my students progressing. I enjoy having my high level professionals help beginners so that beginners can excel fast!

We would like to thank Professor Bruno Carvalho for his time. If you would like to get involved with one of the fastest growing BJJ programs in South East Asia than we would like to invite everyone from beginner to advanced to join.

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