Head MMA Coach : Dylan Fussell

Coach Dylan Fussell comes to us with an impressive background. He has focused on all areas of MMA but his wrestling for MMA has excelled having been taught by Randy Couture and Matt Lindland. After years of working his wrestling and ground game at Team Quest, Dylan started traveling to Thailand to perfect his Muay Thai for MMA. After 5 trips and over 3 years living in Thailand he has done just that. Along with his Wrestling and Muay Thai pedigree Coach Dylan is also a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Nicolas Gregoriades who founded “The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood”. Now after years of coaching he has put together a proven system to get fighters to the next level.

Coach Dylan has been working with top level guys his entire career from the time he started at Team Quest 10 years ago. Guys such as Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, and Chael Sonnen to name a few. Now that he has been focusing on coaching he has had top level UFC and other big promotion fighters turn to him to seek his expertise. Coach Dylan has previously worked with UFC fighter Mike Pierce, UFC vet Pat Healy, Bellator tournament champion Dave Jansen, Former UFC fighter Ian Loveland, and WSOF/former Bellator fighter Tyson Nam on a daily basis.

On top of this he has a stable of up and coming fighters looking to break into the bigger promotions. Since he has joined Team Quest Thailand our MMA team has won 89% of our fights since 2012.

Coach Dylan is not just a coach, he is also a Professional fighter that has amassed a 6-2 professional record. He believes in leading by example which is why you will find him participating in most training sessions throughout the day.

Coach Dylan Fussell

Coach Dylan has been brought on as head MMA trainer to come to Thailand and teach MMA on a different level. There is no other trainer in Thailand that has the MMA coaching background that Coach Dylan Fussell has and we are really excited to see him working with his new students.