HongTongLek Chor Farpleansee Team Quest Thailand

HongTongLek Chor Farpleansee Team Quest Thailand will finally be defending his Thailand Championship at Lumpinee stadium. After a long awaited 5 months, HongTongLek will be defending his title against a tough opponent named “Design Racha Noon”. Design is an experienced fighter who is a specialist in the clinch. HongTongLek plans to nullify Design’s clinch with his technique style.

Team Quest Thailand Fighter: HongTongLek Chor Farpleansee

Team Quest Thailand: HongTongLek Current Thailand Champion

This is the most important fight in HongTongLek’s career as he will be defending his Championship for the first time. HongTongLek has been training hard and is in the best shape of his life. Kru Joe (HongTongLek’s twin brother) has been working very hard to help HongTongLek for his preparation including training him and coming up with a very specific game plan. Kru Joe is a master mind when it comes to game plans and strategies.

Kru Joe has done a great job of molding 2 foreign fighters over the last year in Alex Branom and Dylan Fussell who were able to give HongTongLek some great training. Both fighters have been helping HongTongLek prepare for his title defense. HongTongLek has been clinching with the bigger stronger foreigners to help increase his strength and endurance. He has been sparring with Kru Joe to help with his quickness and accuracy.

Team Quest Thailand Training: HongTongLek Running

The fight will be set at 115lbs (52 kilos) at the legendary Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. The fight starts Tuesday December 11th at 9pm. Although HongTongLek has been very active this year fighting 9 times he is still hungry and looking for the impressive win.

HongTongLek, Kru Joe, and Dylan Fussell all left yesterday to make the trip down to Bangkok, Thailand. Being in the best shape of his life and with a strong group of corner men this is a bad combination for his opponent.

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