Jamie “The Official” Stamp

Jamie “The Official” Stamp is the owner of the famous “Hitman Muay Thai Gym” in Queensland, Australia. Jamie is a vet of over 30 professional Muay Thai fights. He has been sharing time between Team Quest Thailand and Hitman Muay Thai.

Jamie has come over to skill build and get some fights in some of the bigger stadiums in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a vet of “Pro Evolution”, Australia’s largest Muay Thai promotion and is currently the Pro Evolution 63.5kg Champion. He already has a number of significant accomplishments including his most recent win which was the “Eruption Intercontinental World Championship”.

Fight Stats

Jamie “The Official” Stamp
30 fights


-WMC Australian Junior Welterweight Champion x 2
-WMC Australian Welterweight Champion
-WMC Queensland Welterweight Champion
-Pro Evolution 63.5kg Champion
-Eruption Intercontinental World Championship

From: Ormeau, Queensland, Australia
Resides: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Association: Team Quest Thailand and Hitman Muay Thai Gym
26 years old