Josh “The Wolfman” Smith set to fight Oct 26th in Brisbane, Australia

Finally the fight everybody has been waiting for. Josh “The Wolfman” Smith is set to compete Oct. 26th on Australia’s premier MMA event Nitro 10 against a tough opponent named Isacc Tisdell. Both fighters are excited to compete against each other as this is a fight both fighters wanted. The event will be held in Brisbane at the Logan Entertainment Centre. The Wolfman is coming off a dominating performance just weeks before as he forced his opponent to quit after inflicting to much damage.

In this fight you will see The Wolfman display a new and improved skill-set. Over the last 4 months of working with Team Quest Thailand The Wolfman has improved all area’s of his game. Of the areas most improved The Wolfmans wrestling has begun to shine. He now has the ability to take the fight where ever he wants. Look for The Wolfman to impose his will and press forward against Tisdell.

For more details on the fight check out this flier. You can get tickets directly from Josh “The Wolfman” Smith if you are in the area. Just contact him on facebook.

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