Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt

Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt comes to us by way of Puna, Hawaii. After competing most of his career as an underweight 145 lb fighter, Kana has recently made the move to 125 lbs. Kana is the definition of a fighter, he will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He has competed professionally nearly 30 times over the last 10 years. That is nearly 3 fights a year on average which is very consistent for a fighter.

Kana’s goals are simple, he moved to Asia because he wants to compete for ONE CHAMPIONSHIP, Asia’s top MMA organization with over a 90% market share. He has earned experience through fighting and the respect of his teammates which makes him a natural leader.

Kana will be competing in his next high profile fight June 20th in Tokyo, Japan for VTJ. He will be taking on a tough Japanese fighter from Team Alphamaie Japan.

Fight Stats

Kana “The One Man Riot” Hyatt

13-13 MMA
From: Puna, Hawaii
Resides: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Association: Team Quest Thailand

Kana Hyatt MMA