Team Quest Thailand MMA Sponsorship offered!

As our MMA program continues to grow we are looking to give back and offer fighters the opportunity to join one of the best MMA teams in Asia. We are looking to add more talent to the team and are prepared to offer another year long sponsorship.

With MMA growing and MMA promotions popping up everywhere we are looking to fill the void with dedicated fighters!

You must be 1)Hard working, 2)dedicated, 3) coachable, and 4)willing to put your entire career as your #1 priority. We are focused on building talent from all backgrounds. What this means is, anybody can apply whether you are amateur or professional MMA fighter as long as you possess the above 4 characteristics.

What we are looking for:

With our previous sponsorship we extended the opportunity to 6 well selected Professional MMA fighters. Based on our goals and with athletes goals in mind, we selected fighters that we felt fit our criteria and standard. Together with this international all-star team of sponsored fighters we would like to extend one more sponsorship. Any skill level is invited to apply as long as you fit the above criteria.

We are specifically focused on fighters between 115 lb (52.2 kg) and 155 lb (70.45 kg).

Our Offer:

We are offering fighters the opportunity to reside in the beautiful jungle of Chaing Mai, Thailand and train with one of the fastest growing MMA teams in South East Asia. The following is what we specifically can offer fighters.

• One of the most experienced high level MMA coaches in South East Asia.
• 7 Authentic full time Muay Thai trainers (with combined over 400 fights)
• High level wrestling specific to MMA
• A stable of young and motivated MMA training partners that are dedicated to the sport and fighter lifestyle
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specific to MMA taught by 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Bruno Carvalho
• Our connections into major organizations
• 24 well-structured classes every week (4 per day)
• World class strength and conditioning coach
• World class nutritionist (to assist with all aspects from performance, health, and weight cuts)
• Top notch outdoor and indoor facility

Our sponsorship includes a full training sponsorship. Fighters are only responsible for their plane ticket, accommodation, food(which is very cheap in Chiang Mai), and visa. Please do not apply if these are out of your means.

Our Muay Thai Coaching Staff:



Muay Thai Training



Gym Highlight



To Apply:

Send an email to with the following information in the subject title “opportunity”
• Detail your training background via sherdog record, name, fighter stats, places you have fought
• What are your specific fighter goals
• Fight footage (fights, promotional interviews, Highlights ect.) Please send me all links available

Applicants will be reviewed and filtered through our selection process. After the initial application, fighters that make it to our second round will be contacted via facebook and prescreened. After prescreening a follow up interview will be set up and conducted through skype video chat.

The winners (Sponsored fighters selected) will be announced soon. Good luck everybody!