Muay Thai Trainer Kru Det

Kru Det is perhaps the most laid back person you will ever meet in your life. He lives by the Thai motto “Sabai Sabai” which translates to relax and don’t worry. Many students feel at ease with Kru Det. Moving half way across the world to train is a huge step to take for anyone. Kru Det makes the transition easy for students to feel comfortable in their new element.

Don’t let his relaxed personality fool you though; when it’s time to fight this 80 Kilo Thai fighter can prepare himself to be ready for competition in a heartbeat. Being one of the larger Thai’s that means he is able to cater to larger foreigners. What’s unique about Kru Det is although he is large for a Thai he is known for his athleticism and flashy techniques. You can often find him in the ring showing an array or spinning kicks and elbows.

Kru Det is very accomplished as a Muay Thai fighter. After impressing promoters throughout his time in Chiang Mai on the local circuit he was invited down to compete at Bangkok’s world famous Lumpinee stadium. Kru Det finished off his career fighting in Bangkok before moving back to Chiang Mai to be with his wife and Daughter.

Muay Thai Record:
Fights, 241
Wins, 181
Knockouts, 108

Kru Det Muay Thai