Muay Thai Trainer Kru Gop

Kru Gop is perhaps one of the friendliest and most giving people you will ever meet in your life. He goes out of his way to make people feel special. You will often find him at the gym cooking food in the kitchen offering every single person some, even if it’s the first time you have met him. It’s easy to see why so many students feel so comfortable with him as a teacher.

On the other side of the coin is a former North Thailand Champion that has nearly 300 fights to his credit. He has been through the toughest wars having faced all the toughest Thai’s in North Thailand. He is a former Lumpinee stadium vet having competed in Bangkok for the latter part of his career. On top of that is he also one of the largest Thai fighters you will encounter at nearly 85 Kilos (187 lbs) which means he can specialize in catering to larger foreign students.

After having served 2 years in Thailand’s army he has since moved back to Chiang Mai and joined Team Quest Thailand. Because Kru Gop loves people so much, he is often found organizing student outings, dinners, and activities. He is students “in” to Chiang Mai’s local secrets.

Muay Thai Record:
Fights, 289
Wins, 203
Knockouts, 114

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