Head Muay Thai Trainer Kru Ni

Head Muay Thai trainer kru Ni is now our oldest addition to our all star team at Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kru Ni has a very unique skill set. He is yet another Muay Thai trainer we have added to the Team with an “I.Q. Muay Thai Style”. He is originally from Chiang Mai. Because of his experience as a Muay Thai trainer and his connections throughout Thailand, we made an effort to go out of our way to recruit him.

Kru Ni is a vet of over 200 fights and has fought everywhere in Thailand. He brings high energy and a fun attitude that brings the best out of students. There is never a dull moment with Kru Ni.

Kru Ni was heavily recruited by Team Quest Thailand because of his experience and knowledge of the sport of Muay Thai. He has international experience as a Muay Thai trainer for students all around the world. Over the last 3 years he has been traveling back and forth to China to teach Muay Thai. In an effort to get the best Muay Thai trainer in Thailand, we had to bring Kru Ni onto the Team. He is now based at the Team Quest Thailand facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand full time.

Muay Thai Record:
Fights, 204
Wins, 143
Knockouts, 82

Muay Thai Head Trainer Ni