Muay Thai Trainer Kru Piak

Kru Piak also known by his real name Pongsiri Mitsatit is our youngest trainer at just 19 years of age. On top of training students, Piak is also still an active fighter that currently holds 3 Major Muay Thai champions including the current 115 lb “North Thailand Championship” which is the most prestigious Muay Thai accomplishment North of Bangkok.

Piak originally joined Team Quest Thailand when he was just 16 years old as a fighter. Although this young super star started Muay thai at the late age of 16 (late for Thai fighters) he didn’t’ let that hold him back. After nearly 70 fights in 3 years he managed to capture every major Muay Thai championship in North Thailand.

Now students can train under Kru Piak every day and learn from this North Thailand Champion. Don’t be fooled by his age, Kru Piak is mature above his years and disciplined; he expects his students to work hard and rewards them with positive re-enforcement.

Muay Thai Record:
Fights, 89
Wins, 72
Knockouts, 49

Kru Piak