Night Markets in Chiang Mai

One of the main attractions in Thailand is that numerous markets pop up seemingly everywhere, and Chiang Mai has no shortage of them. Any night of the week you’ll be able to check out different markets that have a vast selection of products to choose from. Clothes, Watches, Muay Thai Gear, Running Shoes, anything you are looking for there’s a good chance you will be able to find someone that’s selling it. And remember, the price at these markets is never set in stone, you’ll have a chance to test out your haggling skills to try and get the best deal!

Night Bazaar

Another market that’s open nightly, Chiang Mai night bazaar is the most famous market in the city. Here you will find all your Knock off Designer clothes, shoes, watches, Tasers, Samurai Swords, and any other interesting gifts you might want to bring home with you. Predominantly marketed to tourists, the prices at this market tend to be jacked up quite high, so be prepared to haggle. The night bazaar is full of Thai and western restaurants and food stalls. With it’s busy atmosphere it makes for a great place to hang out for the night.

Sunday Night Walking Street

Sunday Walking Street is one of the Main attractions in Chiang Mai. Every Sunday night Ratchadamnoen road in the heart of the city closes down and thousands of tourists and locals flock to check out the local goods. Chiang Mai is known for it’s Arts and Handicrafts and you will find many beautiful pieces of work at this market. Being only a 5 minute drive from Team Quest Thailand, this market serves as one of the best places to go to try a wide selection of food and have a relaxing Sunday night out.

Warorot Market

Known to the locals as “Kad Luang”, Warorot Market doubles as Chiang Mai Chinatown. Starting at Mae Ping river, Warorot Market stretches far into the city. Fruit and Vegetable stalls line the streets, while the stores sit behind them. If you’re looking for a bargain, Warorot market is the place to go as it has some of the cheapest prices in Chiang Mai.