Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew

Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew is a Muay Thai vet of over 100 fights (10 of which are bare knuckle fights). Tanaphong traveled all over the world in a pursuit to learn new martial arts. Fighting is what he loves. He has spent a considerable amount of time training boxing in Mexico City, Mexico and learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Curtiba, Brazil.

Now Tanaphong has put all the tools together. Two Years ago he made his pro MMA debut in the Bangkok based “Dare” promotion. In text book Team Quest style, Ping ground and pounded his opponent and finished with a knockout. Now this Thai fighter is signed with Asia’s largest MMA promotion ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Fight Stats

Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhankaew
Muay Thai: 111 wins, 17 loss, 2 draw
MMA: 8-4
From: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Resides: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Association: Team Quest Thailand
30 years old

Tanaphong “Ping” Khunhunkaew Ground and Pound knockout