Team Quest Thailand Boon Sport Distributor

Team Quest Thailand is excited about the opportunity to work with Boon Sport. Boon Sport has been producing the highest quality products since they were established. What makes Boon Sport unique and interesting is they have a different approach then other Muay Thai and MMA equipment producers. Because Boon Sport only likes to deal with a few trusted distributors. Boon Sport is not so easy to find unless you are in Bangkok or in Australia. Now with our new partnership with Boon Sport we now have made available Boon Sport equipment in the north of Thailand.

Team Quest Thailand chose to work with Boon Sport because we know that quality over quantity is their idea for business. There is no short cuts where Boon Sport gear is being produced. The actual quality and the functionality of the equipment is emphasized over fancy flame designs. This is what has been a winning strategy for Boon Sport and they have stuck by their original concept when creating the highest quality gear for Muay Thai and MMA customers.

Why Team Quest Thailand choose to work with Boon Sport?

Team Quest Thailand was happy to learn that Boon Sport only selects top grain leathers from the best cowhides. They choose the leather that is most appropriate for each piece. For example, they use thicker and stiffer leather for equipment such as heavy bags and kick pads. Softer leathers are used for equipment that needs to bend and mold such as boxing gloves. Boon Sport selects each individual piece of leather for the durability, strength, and weight.

All of Boon Sport Equipment is tested in the best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok before it is released to the public. This way Boon Sport is able to produce the highest quality products with feed back from real life professional Muay Thai fighters. Team Quest Thailand is looking forward to being the only distributor of Boon Sport Equipment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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