Thai Massage

There is nothing more enjoyable after a hard training session at Team Quest Thailand and then lying down and getting a professional Thai Massage. Students will have access to literally hundreds of locations throughout Chiang Mai to have a professional masseuse work out any area’s that are sore.

Typically a Thai massage will start out with the customer getting into some comfortable clothing provided by the massage shop called “Thai Fisherman Pants”. Customers will then proceed to a chair where the masseuse will give a nice foot scrub. After the foot scrub the customer will lye down on his or her back and the masseuse will start by massaging the feet, then working up the legs, arms, and eventually working on your back. The masseuse will end the massage with a nice shoulder and head massage.

After the massage is finished, the masseuse will offer a glass of tea before it is time to pay. Students will be happy to know that this one hour event can be had for as little as 140 THB per hour (about $4.52). It is optional to tip, but as a general rule, if you liked the massage and would like to have the masseuse work on you in the future then it is a good idea to tip to keep the masseuse happy. A typical tip for a service like this would be about 20 THB ($0.65).

For students looking to learn Thai language, take advantage of the opportunity to try to practice vocabulary with the masseuse. Typically masseuses tend to be quiet to allow the customer to relax, but most masseuses will be happy to help you at the first chance they get with your Thai language as it can be very boring to sit in silence hours on end. Take full advantage of your Thai massage. Private Thai lessons can cost more than double this price.

Example of a Thai massage.

Feeling adventurous? Get a Thai massage by a baby elephant.