MMA in Thailand

MMA in Thailand is experiencing a rapid growth. With more Muay Thai fighters turning to the sport each day, it’s no wonder Team Quest Thailand chose to open in Chiang Mai. Team Quest has produced some of the highest level MMA athletes in the world. Most notable MMA atheletes include Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, and Chael Sonnen. For over 15 years our MMA program has been of the highest caliber. It all started when Randy Couture won the UFC heavyweight championship in Yokohama, Japan in 1997.

To this day, Team Quest continues to stay relevant and above the curve. We understand that MMA is always evolving and that to stay above the rest you have to be open minded. That is why we opened our facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand so that athletes can get access to the highest level Muay Thai trainers in the world. We have also flown in world class Jiu Jitsu and MMA trainers to help round out fighters skills. MMA in Thailand is growing rapidly.

MMA in Thailand is growing rapidly.

Team Quest Thailand was established as a way to help international students learn grappling, MMA, and Muay Thai at a cost that is affordable. We have committed to keeping our grappling and MMA program at the highest level. So brought in an established world class coaching staff that runs our program. We have coaches who specialize in wrestling, submission grappling, and MMA. Our coaches will help you put together all aspects of the sport.

Thailand MMA is exploding and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the biggest sport in Thailand. Be part of one of the fastest growing sports not only in Thailand, but in the world. Now is the time to experience what it is like to train with world class coaches in the beautiful Northen province of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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