Wildlife Attractions

Experience wildlife like never before. Chiang Mai is host to numerous tourist activities for people to get up close and personal with many wild animals. You can experience almost any animal in Chiang Mai from monkeys, tigers, elephants, to even pandas. So take advantage of your down time while not training at Team Quest Thailand and check out what Chiang Mai has to offer.

Tiger Kingdom

Ever felt like playing with a tiger? Well now you can at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Just minutes away from the Team Quest Thailand facility is this amazing attraction. At the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai you can play, pet, and even take your photo with the Tiger of your choice. Scared of big tigers? Yeah we don’t blame you, then take advantage of the opportunity to take your photo with a baby tiger.

Tiger Kingdom offers various packages depending on your preference. To play with the big cats you will be spending around 420 thb/person. To play with medium size cats that are about 6-8 months old it will be the same price. To play with the baby tigers it will cost you a bit extra, they charge 520 thb/person.

You can either elect to take your own photos or you can pay one of their professional photographers to take photos for you for 200 thb/person. You will get between 50-100 photos on a CD for this price.

Chiang Mai Zoo

The Chiang Mai Zoo is a scenic walk with lots to do. Chiang Mai Zoo offers everything from animal attractions, great food, and entertainment. All year round Chiang Mai offers a cool climate which makes for a stroll at the zoo perfect. They offer a learning center where adults and children alike can go and learn about each animal. Animal shows run through out the day. They offer elephant, monkey, and crocodile shows. Each is entertaining in it’s own unique way.

Want to entertain your kids? Take them to the Chiang Mai Zoo’s “Adventure Zone” located at the kids zone. Here kids will be able to play and learn about the pre-historic world of animals.

The Zoo also hosts the Chiang Mai Aquarium. This aquarium is packed with over 250 species (8,000 specimens). The facility is very modern as it was just opened in 2008. This is a great place to check out whether your looking for some relax time or wanting to take the family out.

Chiang Mai Zoo is open everyday between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Entrance will cost you 100 thb for adults and 50 thb for children. Aquarium prices are a bit more steep. Please check with aquarium staff at the aquarium ticket booth for more information.

Elephant Treks

The best way to experience Chiang Mai’s scenic jungle is on the back of an elephant. Check out the jungles diverse landscape and travel through and along rivers. The elephants will lead the way, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

During your adventure you will get to have experience like never before. You will have the opportunity to help feed, bathe, and take care of these giant creatures. Depending on your level of adventure, along the way you can try some bamboo rafting down the river. Here you will travel with a guide and get the scenic stroll through this beautiful landscape.

Elephant trekking can cost anywhere from 600 thb to 900 thb depending on which package you would like. The best way to get more information on elephant trekking is to simple meet up at any local tourist shop here in Chiang Mai and ask the representative for more information.

Night Safari

Chiang Mai Night Safari is the largest of it’s kind. Almost doubling in size from it’s runner up, the Singapore Night Safari. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience many amazing animals from the safety of your safari jeep.

The Night Safari hosts three different zones for tourists to experience. The first is the Savanna Safari Zone. Most of the animals in this location are from the African savanna. Animals include but are not limited to, Wildebeests, rhinoceroses, zebras, and giraffes. There are 34 species in this zone and over 320 specimens. The second zone is the Predator Prowl Zone. This zone basically includes animals that eat other animals. Pretty cool right? Here you can check out tigers, lions, bears, crocodiles, and more. The third and last zone is the Jaguar Trail Zone. This is a walking trail around the swan Lake. This trail extends about 1.2km. This zone hosts 50 different species. Some of the animals included here are White tigers, jaguars, clouded leopards, miniature horses, monkeys, and fishing cats.

The cost for one person is about 800 thb. Although you can bargain on the price, so it is possible to get it for slightly cheaper.